The Blue Dress: A Story

It was about three weeks until my friend’s big day, and I was probably the least prepared bridesmaid in the history of weddings. I had not gone on a diet, I didn’t have a date, I had no idea what my hair and makeup was supposed to look like, I had no clue what to get my friend as a wedding gift, but most importantly I didn’t have a dress. I know all you brides-to-be are having a heart attack reading this because you know how stressful that situation can be, but let me break it down. First of all, I never seemed to have the money to buy a dress. Every paycheck I get goes to bills, groceries, and (more often than you’d think) birthday gifts. On top of that, the wedding was Game of Thrones themed, so my friend wanted the dress to be long, flowy, and an impossible-to-find-in-stores shade of blue. I’ve gone to every department store and boutique I know of, and although I did find the color I needed, I couldn’t find the perfect style. So at this point, I was on every website trying to find a dress that’s not only in the steel blue color my friend requested, but a dress that would be here on time.

I met my friend (we’ll call her Brenda) my freshman year of college. Me and my two best friends from my hometown ended up going to college together. The three of us met Brenda at an event for all the freshman who lived on campus. After the event, my two friends and I stayed up until dawn talking with all our new friends we’d made (including Brenda). That night was a start to a beautiful friendship. The rest of our freshman year flew by in a blur of long nights and Whataburger runs. Now, just a few years later, Brenda was getting married and me and my two friends didn’t have dresses.

In my defense, my friend didn’t really start talking about the dresses until about a month or two before the wedding. She’s a very relaxed, laid-back girl who told us we could pick the style as long as it was that particular shade of blue, long, flowy, and here by the wedding date. I’m lucky she didn’t kill me for waiting so long to get a dress—Brenda is probably the nicest, understanding person I know and I admire her for that. But that’s not an excuse and I definitely shouldn’t have waited so long. She even gave us a website to rent the exact dress she wanted–but because I waited so long, the website indicated that I was not able to deliver the dress on time.

I spent days looking online for a dress, and it probably would have gotten to me on time if I didn’t take days to decide on one. I kept going back to that website Brenda suggested. I decided to reach out to them to see if by a miracle they could help me out. Sure enough, after an email to customer service, I was introduced to a woman, Kristina, via email. She was able to help me out, give me suggestions on styles similar to what I (or rather Brenda) had in mind, and she even let me know upfront that I should order the dress ASAP so it would definitely be delivered to me on time. I don’t know what I would have done without their help!

If your bridal party is in need of some dresses or if you’re a bridesmaid looking to save a few bucks, check out There is an option to rent or purchase, and there are so many styles to choose from. You even get two dresses shipped to you to make sure your dress is the right fit. Not to mention, their customer service is fantastic! They will work with you on a one-on-one level to guarantee a great experience. So if you or someone you know is looking for a bridesmaid’s dress at a reasonable price, check out Vow To Be Chic!

Special thanks to Kristina and the Vow To Be Chic team, y’all are awesome!



Engagement Season Is Coming, And These Celebs Are Getting A Head Start

As engagement season quickly approaches, couples everywhere are saying “yes” and are preparing to walk down the aisle in 2018. The holidays are the perfect time to ask the big question, whether you do it in front of the whole family or under twinkling Christmas lights. Some, however can’t wait that long. Click through the slideshow below to see which of your favorite celebs will be saying their “I do’s” next year.


Cardi B and Offset

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper got engaged to rapper Offset on October 26th

Janel Parrish and Chris Long

Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish and her long-time boyfriend Chris Long shared this engagement photo on Instagram

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Former Jo-Bro Joe Jonas and Game of Throne’s Sophie Turner announced their engagement on October 14th, officially taking the DNCE singer off the market

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith are ready to start a new chapter together! The couple got engaged earlier in September

Nikki Bella and John Cena

Total Divas star Nikki Bella and wrestling icon John Cena got engaged this past summer and are ready to say their I-do’s

Carlos Correa and Daniella Rodriguez

Houston Astros’ Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez on live TV after winning the World Series early November

Bring “Live” To Your Event: Why You Should Hire A Band For Your Next Event



When is the last time you attended an event where a live band was playing? It seems like the days of dancing to a live band playing cumbias and the YMCA are long gone, as most people are opting for DJs at their event. Flashing lights and loud speakers playing all the songs made for dancing are all people want nowadays. DJs can play a variety of music upon request, and often have the best judgement as to what the crowd wants to hear. However, hiring a band can be just as fun!

Bands and live singers can add a romantic touch to your first dance as a married couple and be just as sentimental for a father-daughter dance. Bands are also great for corporate events where you just want subtle music playing, or your 25th class reunion where you want all the throwback hits to be played. With many options available, it isn’t hard finding a band to suit your specific taste.Choosing a live performance also helps musicians’ careers. By allowing them to perform at your event, your guests may want to book that band for their event.

Choosing between a DJ or a band to play at your event is obviously a personal choice, and varies from both the taste of music you have and the mood you want for the night. At a quinceanera, for example, people often want to dance to a few cumbias and Spanish songs while at a wedding or a prom you’d be doing dances like the cha-cha-slide and the Cupid’s Shuffle all night. Finding the perfect source of music for your event can be a task. For this, Google is your best friend. You can find videos and reviews of DJs and bands in your area to find your perfect fit.

Do you like live bands or DJs more? Let us know in the comments below!

Fall In Love With The Season’s Latest Trends

     Now that the weather is cooling down and the leaves are starting to change, it’s time for you to bring out your boots and sweaters. Fall always feels like the perfect time to dress cute, so it’s important to stay on trend. This season has a lot of different looks, from edgy to flirty.

     Fall 2017 is all about 70’s-inspired looks. Ruffled and bell sleeves, wide-legged pants, even round glasses are very on-trend at the moment. Autumn-toned floral patterns are also popular this season, featuring deep reds, yellows, greens, and black that add to the 70’s vibes.  Red-toned colors are also very popular, and are usually complimented with black and denim items. As for jackets, faux fur, shearling, and corduroy jackets can act as a statement piece to any outfit. Texture is also big this season, with corduroy, denim, suede, and mesh pieces that will pull your fall look together. Mohair and finely knit sweaters will keep you looking stylish and cozy. As for shoes, ankle boots are a great piece to tie a look together. Whether you prefer them solid color or floral-printed, velvet or leather, adding ankle boots will turn any basic t-shirt-and-jeans look to an outfit straight from Pintrest. However, if you live anywhere like San Antonio, you won’t be wearing corduroy jackets and fuzzy sweaters until mid-December. You can still stay on-trend by opting for things like dresses, skirts, and knitted t-shirts, while still rocking those trendy ankle boots. Take a look at the pictures below to get some inspo for your next fall look!

Get this cool corduroy jacket from Urban Outfitters.

Complete your look with these super trendy sunglasses from Forever 21 here .

You can find this groovy striped sweater at Forever 21.

Get this fuzzy mohair turtleneck from H&M.

You can get the pants from Urban Outfitters pictured above here.

Stay trendy in this floral dress from Target.

Wedding Prep: 6 Tips To Help You Breeze Through Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and a lot of work for one woman. From planning the smallest of details like the pattern of the groomsmen’s ties to making sure the entire event is running smoothly and on time, your energy can quickly burn out. You place all your focus into having the perfect ceremony and reception, and you might start to feel like the chaos and disorganization is uncontrollable. The last thing you want is a train-wreck wedding! So, to help you out, here are some tips to help you get through the craziness of planning a wedding:

Be Organized

Having a schedule will help you stay on top of things from start to finish. Take the time to make a “to-do” calendar at the beginning of your planning stages to give yourself some deadlines; this will help when figuring out what vendors need to be contacted and what needs to get done. If you’re DIY-ing decorations, keep your crafts and supplies in clear storage bins and label them for easy access.

Stick To Your Budget

Along with being organized, you should set a budget and keep track of how much you’re spending. Plan to leave a little wiggle room for last minute expenses and things you might have forgotten to include in your plans.

Ask for Help

Although you might want to do everything yourself to your liking, you can save time and energy when you ask for some help. your family and friends are more than happy to help you with the decorations, and may have some recommendations when it comes to choosing your vendors.

Don’t Forget About Him

You husband-to-be is just as excited to get married as you are. Involve him in the planning process and make sure every decision you make is something you both agree on.

Take Time For Yourself

While your plans are falling into place and all your attention is on the big day, life is happening. Don’t forget to take time to relax and enjoy it! Take a break by having a spa day with your partner, go to the movies, exercise, or even sleep in an extra hour.

Be Grateful

Your plans wouldn’t be possible with the help of others. Your DJ, caterer, decorator, friends, family and so many more work very hard to make your big day everything you’ve been dreaming of. Be sure to say thank you to everyone that contributes to your perfect wedding.