When is the last time you attended an event where a live band was playing? It seems like the days of dancing to a live band playing cumbias and the YMCA are long gone, as most people are opting for DJs at their event. Flashing lights and loud speakers playing all the songs made for dancing are all people want nowadays. DJs can play a variety of music upon request, and often have the best judgement as to what the crowd wants to hear. However, hiring a band can be just as fun!

Bands and live singers can add a romantic touch to your first dance as a married couple and be just as sentimental for a father-daughter dance. Bands are also great for corporate events where you just want subtle music playing, or your 25th class reunion where you want all the throwback hits to be played. With many options available, it isn’t hard finding a band to suit your specific taste.Choosing a live performance also helps musicians’ careers. By allowing them to perform at your event, your guests may want to book that band for their event.

Choosing between a DJ or a band to play at your event is obviously a personal choice, and varies from both the taste of music you have and the mood you want for the night. At a quinceanera, for example, people often want to dance to a few cumbias and Spanish songs while at a wedding or a prom you’d be doing dances like the cha-cha-slide and the Cupid’s Shuffle all night. Finding the perfect source of music for your event can be a task. For this, Google is your best friend. You can find videos and reviews of DJs and bands in your area to find your perfect fit.

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