Many brides always wonder where they should have their perfect honeymoon. Of course there are factors that have to come into order like the season and what has the most tourist population, or of course you can pick a place that looks the prettiest. No matter the time of year there are always factors like price, weather and possible discounts. Here are some suggestions to find the perfect honeymoon destination for you and your significant other.

January – Iceland

Image result for iceland January is known to be the coldest time of the year but that also offers the most beautiful sights in Iceland. This time of the year is low on tourists in Iceland which allows you and your partner to take in the sights without having loads of people around. The weather in Iceland at this time of the year will of course be cold, so make sure to bring out your best winter wear for stunning pictures. If you are interested in more information or for booking you can visit this site

February- Anguilla

Related image   Not many people visit this beautiful little island this time of year but don’t let that fool you. This quaint island provides an escape from the cold weather in February for a warm breeze and clear blue beaches. Anguilla has beautiful off shore cafe’s that bring unique and tasty island food. Although the island is small there is an endless list of excursions to go on to always show you the different sides of the island.  For more information please visit for the best flights and hotels.



Image result for Thailand Thailand has unpredictable weather but March should be great not matter what part of Thailand you visit. Of course there are hundreds of adventures to go on in Thailand from exploring activities on water or on land.Of course when you’re there do not forget to visit the Lake of Pink Lilies for remarkable sights or the Plearnwan for some fun shopping. Visit for more information.


April- Morocco

Image result for morocco Morocco in April is the best time for the weather, it isn’t to hot or to cold. It is also the time of the year that isn’t so heavy on the tourist population. This kingdom of wonders allows its guests to step into another culture and experience new adventures from its stunning beaches to its delectable food. Visit for more information on activities to do in Morocco.

May- Provence

Image result for provence   From its diverse landscapes and exquisite food, Provence is the perfect place to honeymoon in May. The weather is perfect and there are tones of activities to do with your partner to have an unforgettable honeymoon. The Cannes Film Festival is held in May and June so you are sure to see a celebrity or two when you are there. Visit to find more deals on hotels and activities to do in Provence.


June- Tahiti

Image result for tahiti Tahiti in July is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Tahiti is popular for its black-sand beaches, and waterfalls perfect for an unforgettable honeymoon. Couples can even honeymoon on houses directly over the water for remarkable views. If you’re interested in having your honeymoon in Tahiti, visit


July- Croatia

Image result for croatia Croatia is full of rich history and vibrant people and  the summers are warm and dry which provides perfect beach weather. It is known for its breathtaking beaches and street-style food. Croatia is the perfect honeymoon destination for you and your partner. Visit to find more infmoration on visiting Croatia for your honeymoon.




Image result for greece You can visit the islands or the main cities in Greece in August and not be completely surrounded by tourists. Greece is a perfect place for your honeymoon to visit the beaches or see the ancient Olympic cities. The Greek cities have provide a wide range of exceptional food and flourishing history. Visit for more information!




Image result for Tuscany Some of the best food and wine in the world is found in Tuscany and the warm September weather has low traffic on the tourist front. Tuscany for your honeymoon is both very romantic and adventurous. For more information visit for more information.




Image result for Ireland Having been to Ireland myself, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit with for your honeymoon. It is filled with large castle, friendly people, and beautiful scenery. No matter if you are in the city or the countryside you are guaranteed to fall in love with Ireland. Don’t forget to visit the Ring of Carey or some of the surrounding islands for more breathtaking views and adventures. For more information visit



November- Sri Lanka

Related image Sri Lanka is the best place to visit in November since the tourist scene is low. You can visit their clear blue oceans or emerge yourself in the enormous cultural heritage. For more information in booking your honeymoon in Sri Lanka visit to find  the best activities.



December-Cabo San Lucas

Image result for cabo Cabo’s warm weather is the perfect escape from the cold December weather. Cabo is the perfect honeymoon destination for a warm get away on the beach or the for some deep-sea fishing. You can even kick it back at the spas and have a relaxing time with your partner. For more information visit