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Weddings include a lot of partying and social gatherings designed to celebrate the bride’s big day. Most brides include a bridesmaid’s brunch or a rehearsal dinner prior to their event. Bachelorette parties and bridal showers are two more examples of occasions that require planning. What does this mean for us girls? New outfits. But what is appropriate to wear to these gatherings? Check out our blog post on what to wear to all wedding events, from the bridal shower, to the reception, and save yourself the stress of pulling together another picture perfect outfit.
Let’s start with the bridal shower and work our way to the big day.

Bridal Shower Attire:
Bridal Showers are the perfect way to celebrate the bride’s big day with close girlfriends. These usually take place during the daytime anywhere from 12-6 p.m. Flirty sundresses or chiffon maxis are perfect for these fun girlie get- togethers! Dress up a simple sundress with bright chunky jewelry, or add big dangly earrings to a classy maxi dress. For summer bridal showers, pull your hair away from your face by rocking the very classy/edgy “topknot” look. Check out this video on how to create the perfect summer-looking bun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S6MQPTiRGk

Bachelorette Party Attire: The very popular bachelorette party should be a night to remember, not to regret. Dressing for this event can often be tricky because most stores are chalked-full of ‘too tight’ dresses and 6 inch pleather heels. Basic dresses are best in order to avoid “outshining” the bride. Stores like H&M and Forever 21 carry basic fitted dresses that can easily be dressed up with chunky jewelry. Avoid cheap, sparkly dresses from these stores. Due to the cheap material, sparkles and embellishments are likely to fall off and ruin the overall look. Sparkly skirts and basic tops work well for nightlife style as well.
Helpful Hint: Bachelorette parties usually call for “bachlelorette attire” such as buttons and crowns that signify the bride. These are a fun way to celebrate her big day, however, steer clear of tacky accessories with foul language. These make the celebration look less classy and pictures of the big night slightly tacky.

Rehearsal Dinner Attire: The rehearsal dinner is the most formal of the three gatherings discussed so far. Since it is usually held in the evening, fresh makeup with a bright lip is usually acceptable. Knee length or slightly above the knee dresses are a safe, tasteful choice. Choose warmer colors such as a navy, black, or dark gray for night ware. Accessorize with pearls or small gold jewelry to give a fancier edge to your look.

Reception Attire: Reception attire varies based on the venue and time of year. For example, if attending a summer wedding, steer away from long sleeve material. If the reception is outside during a summer month, dress cool and light. Avoid cotton material which will make you look underdressed, and avoid floor length dresses which usually make you look overdressed. Abide by the usual rule of not wearing white. It’s standard that only the bride is dressed in completely white, no matter what the season. Remember: The focus should be on the bride and groom only. Overly embellished attire is discouraged as it will draw attention from the bride. Stay simple and conservative.
Helpful Hint: Receptions usually entail drinking and lots of dancing. Pack a pair of flats to dance the night away in instead of dancing barefoot. Flats always look well with dresses and any shoe looks better than dancing barefoot on a dirty floor.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to dressing for each event. Now you are fully prepared for every fun-filled gathering that a wedding entails. Remember, classy not trashy!