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Bachelorette Parties are a great time to share memories with the bride before her big day. Typical bachelorette parties usually involve a big dinner and night on the town with the girls. Although this can be fun, it can also be a little cliché.  For maids of honors who have the honorable task of planning their best friends special day, the decision of where and what to do for the bachelorette party can often be nerve-wrecking. 

Here’ s a fresh and fun idea that still keeps the attention of the bride before her big day, but allows a small road trip and great bonding time with the girls. A Winery.

Wineries are slowly but surely becoming a huge fad for bachelorette parties. Wineries are great because they provide a day-time setting for relaxation and casual drinking with friends. Some wineries even allow customers to provide their own beer for people who aren’t fond of wine. A favorite Texas Winery of the Sky Room’s is the Driftwood Estate Winery located in Driftwood, Texas.  This winery embodies the spirit and heart of Texas by producing Texas wines using fresh Texas grapes. Not only is the selection of wine abundant, but the setting is to die for. Enjoy the wine of your preference under shady oak trees with chairs provided, or under the newly renovated Pavilion located directly next to the tasting room. If those preferences don’t interest you, enjoy your Texas wine from the 1,100 square foot deck overlooking the vineyard that produces the wine of your choosing.  

                Inside of the wine-filled gift shop, a friendly staff awaits. The staff allows you to try any of their wines in small tasting glasses. The staff usually provides a brief overview of the wine you are tasting and suggests different foods to try it with. The gift shop also offers assorted crackers and cheeses for small appetizers to accompany your wine. The price for the tasting of five wines is only five dollars and a military discount is offered as well. It usually doesn’t take five tasting to find a wine that is right for you however, and bottles are available for purchase to enjoy by the vineyard.

            The winery setting is a great place for relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle that comes with the planning of weddings. Some winderys have limo services that agree to take the bridal party to the winery so that wine and drinks may be enjoyed on the way. The Driftwoof Estate Winery has shuttle buses that can answer questions and give pricing regarding the cost of renting a vehicle for the day of the party. The Driftwood Estate Winery is a beautiful way to enjoy wine with friends and since the winery is open from 10 a.m- 5:45 p.m., there is plenty of time for a dinner or a girls night out. For more information on the Driftwood Estate Winery visit www.driftwoodwine.com.