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Hey Sky Room followers and brides!,

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and the Sky Room is ready to host your wonderful evening. We all know this special day is about love and spending quality time with your hunny so heres a few tips on great Valentines date outfits that you can wear on your hot date in the Sky Room.

You can never go wrong with a “little black dress.” Coco Chanel was the founder of this wonderful wardrobe piece and has coined it as a classic for  women of any size or shape. Little black dresses are great because they can be worn as a casual piece during the day, and easily dressed up for the evening. They also are a “must-have” for a wardrobe because there are different styles to fit different body types.

Athletic Figure: A boat neck black dress that falls right above the knee is great for anyone with this body type. It shows off athletic legs without exposing too much, and accentuates toned arms and shoulders.

Busty Figure: V- neck black dresses are best for this body type. A v-cut offers support for your bust and can be found in short sleeve or sleeveless styles. Long dangle  earrings also work well with this style, along with a small dainty necklace to accentuate the neckline.

Pear- Shaped: Long sleeve fitted dresses that fall right above the knee are a great way to still show some skin while remaining classy on top. Large statement necklaces look great with long sleeved dresses as they break the black with a dazzling piece of jewelry. 

Accessories for all shapes and sizes: As stated above, jewelry is a great accessory for women of any size or shape. Adding a statement piece, whether it be a large bracelet, or necklace, can make or break an outfit. The great thing about black dresses is that most jewelry looks great on black. Have fun playing around with different pieces and figuring out what makes you look most fabulous! Play around with shawls or “fancy looking” scarves” that can be draped over your dress for a classy feel. Fur minks are coming back in as well! Try a short black mink over any black dress, or utilize a longer one for outerwear!

Black dresses are great for any occasion and apply to women of all ages. Once you find a good basic, a different wardrobe can be created each time you wear it! We look forward to seeing you classy ladies in the Sky Room Valentines night! Stay tuned for out next blog post with lots of great fashion tips!