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By: Sana Harhara

As a little girl you always imagined what you’d look like the day of your wedding. Over time that vision changes and tweaks and only gets better and  more realistic with age.  A lot goes into planning a wedding such as the big details from choosing a venue, selecting your bridesmaids, to the smaller details such as center pieces, flowers, and arrangements.

For us ladies hair plays a important role for any bride. A lot of the time a bride seems to believe that she has to follow the latest trends. its more so about your preference than anything else and you can never go wrong with a classic hairstyle.

Hopefully you find your hair style down below or some kind of inspiration. Enjoy!

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The “classic”. This is the perfect foundation to either dress this look up by wearing a diamond studded headpiece or flowers or play it  down with a light veil and pearl earrings.

We love updos, but we're digging the long, loose curls look too! #Wedding #Hair #MyWeddingMusic


the half- up do adding a ump to your hair for your big day. It gives a youthful playful look.

Brides with Pony Tails | Pony Tail Wedding Hair | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog2


The ponytail is something that not a lot of brides consider, but it is a possibility. It can be the one casual asset to your big extravaganza. And with a touch of some jewel you can play it up.

Incredibly Stunning Wedding Hairstyles - MODwedding


You cant go wrong with leaving your hair down on your big day. Maybe in lose curls or waves.

Whatever you decide to do make sure it makes you feel beautiful and extra special on your big day!