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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to plan your wedding! Yes, there’s stress involved but if you it organized then everything should turn out perfectly!

Setting realistic deadlines for your event is one of the most important steps to a good checklist. BuzzFeed shared the following checklists that could help you organize your wedding.

1. First of all, figure out what your ideal wedding ring gem size is.

2. Once you’re engaged, here are your first steps.

3. Here’s a helpful big-picture timeline:

4. Don’t forget your very important BEAUTY checklist.

5. Figure out when you want to have the wedding.

6. This guide will help you figure out what kind of wedding you want to have on your budget.

7. Start figuring out your budget. Print out this checklist and start filling it out:

8. Here are your exciting attire options you get to impose on your guests:

9. Figure out who’s even coming to this thing.

10. Here’s every tiny detail regarding your save-the-dates and invitations that you didn’t even bother to consider:

11. If you’re a real stickler for etiquette, here are all the proper ways to address your guests.

12. The fun part that easily veers into dread: shopping for your wedding dress.

13. Say yes to the dress.

14. And if you’re buying your dress online (or purchasing a pre-owned dress), as a modern bride is prone to do…

15. Know your veil terms:

16. When it comes time to start researching your vendors, you’ll want to know what questions to ask your caterer:

17. And your wedding photographer:

18. Make sure to give the photographer some version of this checklist:

19. Drop some well-meaning hints to let your bridesmaid know what her duties are.

 20. Before you call the florist, figure out what flowers and bouquets you want:

21. Are Your Wedding Flowers in Season

22. Make sure you use your registry to get everything you NEED:

23. While planning your registry, be sure to choose enough items in each price category to ensure all of your guests will be able to afford gifts.

24. This chart will help you figure out your cake specifications:

25. And for slightly more complicated, layered cakes:

26. If you’re self-catering or preparing a buffet, here’s a handy guide to portions:

27. And if you’re providing your own alcoholic beverages:

28. Handling your own table settings? Follow proper etiquette:

29. Here is every minuscule thing you need to keep track of, basically.

30. Here’s a last-minute to-do list during your final countdown days:

31. Make sure anyone in your wedding wearing a bowtie actually knows how to tie one.

32. Confused about wedding processional order?

33. For your “oh shit! kit”:

34. Know how and when to tip all the important people you’ve hired to put your wedding together.

35. Write your thank-you notes the easy way.

To view complete checklists and illustrations CLICK HERE