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As we all know, weddings are extremely pricy. From thousand dollar flower boquets, to hundred dollar wedding invitations, any opportunity to save money is more than helpful. Lucky for you, a new trend is emerging that adds originality and personal touches to your wedding AND saves you money: DIY ( do it yourself) weddings.

The DIY craze began with the public obsession with the social blogging site- pinterest. Pinterest appeals to anyone- from stay-at-home mothers to popular fashion bloggers. Pinterest began with a “wedding” board which hosted photos from elaboarte to simple wedding receptions. With the wedding board becoming increasingly popular among women, pinterest began the DIY/ craft board which hosted photos of cute and cheap crafts you can do at home. This quickly snowballed into “DIY” for weddings and the craze hasn’t stopped since.

From decorating mason jars used to  hold organic grown flowers, to creating your own “save the dates” costs can easily be cut when it comes time to completing those last minute details for your big day.

Here are a few “Do’s and Don’ts” when you are debating what you should do in the comfort of your own home, and what you should splurge on.


Ceremony Decor: Spending thousands of dollars on flowers for the ceremony, which usually lasts only an hour, seems like a waste of money if you are on a budget. Pay close attention to the church and the architecture that it entails. If your ceremony site is elaborate in itself, there usually is no need for over decorating.  Use organic grown flowers to hang from the sides of the pews, or create one large beautiful boquet to be placed at the alter for picture purposes.

Save the Dates: Ordering wedding invitations can range anywhere from $10-$20 a person when ordered through an invitation company. At times, they may cost even more a person based on what you prefer them to entail. Save yourself hundreds by venturing to your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or even scrapbook specialty store to purchase your own cardstock in large pieces. Sometimes these stores even allow you to buy them in bulk. Make sure you have a good pair of scissors and a tool that can cut edges evenly before you start your invitations. Having your own paper will allow you to control exactly what size you would like each invitation. Add cute ribbon at the top by using a simple one or two punch hole puncher. You can also purchase any size rhinestones in a package at your local craft store. Jazz up your invitations with a little sparkle by placing one or two rhinestones at the top or bottom of the invitation. Creating your own invitations can be a fun way to bond with friends, family, or even your own bridal party. Make a craft day with friends and a couple of bottles of wine! Enjoy!

Wedding Favors: Wedding favors are a great way for your guests to remember your wedding, but they can also prove to be quite pricy and brides often get carried away by feeling obligated to give too much. Small trinkets such as bubbles or even home-baked cookies are easy to make or buy and look cute inside of gift bags that can be bought at your local wal-mart. Purchase printable stickers at Michaels and type you and your spouse’s name and the date of the wedding for a more personal memory for guests.

Remember: This is your wedding day. Your guests are there to support you and your future. Small, cheap, but thoughtful gifts are a great way for guests to remember your big day and feel appreciated. Stray away from drastic gifts, like the puppies in the movies Bridesmaids. Less is more!


Wedding Cake: Following directions on Pinterest look easy enough and the picture sitting on your computer screen makes the project look totally worth it, however, stray away from baking your own cake. Cake tastings are a fun and memorable experience for the bride and groom and allow both of you to taste several different flavors and share a part of the big day together. When it comes to fancy fondues and real vivid flowers on your cake, leave it to a professional. The last thing you want when it comes time for cake pictures is a melting cake crumbling from the bottom. Check out local cake shops and try as many flavors as necessary for both of you to come to a decision. Brides and grooms cakes are trending, and if the budget allows it, let the groom pick a cake that describes him. Fire hats, or baseballs, are a cute way to show the grooms personality through a cake.

Catering: Catering your own wedding falls under the same category as baking your own wedding cake. Don’t do it. Although you might whip up the best fettuccini alfredo ever tasted, you don’t need any more pressure on your big day. Caterers often provide linen, warmers, and are usually already familiar with the vendors in the area. This alone, makes it easier for you to spend money on your food and not have to worry about all your guests getting fed and if they like it or not. Caterers also meet with the bride and groom and host tastings so couples can decide on dishes together. You don’t need the extra stress of cooking and cleaning on your big day. Leave it to the caterers. That’s what you are paying them for.

Photography: Photographers capture every moment of your big day, and after all the money and stress that went into the planning, isn’t that all you want? Refrain from using your own digital camera or Iphone to take pictures of your wedding. A photographer will be there to get every moment, from the kiss in the ceremony, to the cake cutting. This eliminates the pressure of you trying to take your own pictures and worrying if they came out ok. Hire a photographer and meet with him prior to your event to highlight what moments are most important to you ( Ex: dads dance, entrance, etc.) Create a timeline for your photographer so he knows where to be at which time. This also saves time and miscommunication issues the day of.

For more DIY ideas regarding everything from flowers to wedding favors, visit the Sky Room pinterest at http://pinterest.com/uiwskyroom/boards/ . Remember that weddings are stressful and costly, but cutting costs can be as easy as creating your own invites! Check out pinterest under “ wedding” and “DIY” for more ideas. And once again, don’t forget to check out our pinterest at http://pinterest.com/uiwskyroom/boards/