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Wedding Toasts are a great way to celebrate the special couple’s day, but they can also become extremely nerve-wrecking when it comes time to decide the right things to say. Take a look at these helpful hints for toast giving and the guidelines to stay within while doing so.


Father of the Bride: Usually the Father of the Brides toast will come first. This is often one of the more sentimental speeches, as he focuses on his “little girl” and how far she has come to this date in time.  The father of the bride should begin by thanking all family and guests for attending the reception. This also lightens the mood and helps guests to feel more relaxed in their setting. Following Compliments to the groom and best wishes for their life together are a great way to end the toast.


Best Man: This toast is often the most light- hearted and humorous toast of them all.  A good way to begin this toast is with  the best man introducing himself and his relationship with the groom. Often the best man will reflect on one or two memorable experiences with the groom, however, these memories should remain tasteful and not reveal embarrassing or humiliating information. He should then say something positive about the groom and his bride while wishing them the best of luck in the future.


Maid of Honor: This is often the most sentimental toast besides the Father of the Bride. This speech usually focuses on the special relationship or bond that the maid of honor shares with the bride and memorable details referring to their relationship thus far. Usually the best man and maid of honor end with a toast to the newly wedded couple and wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors.


With these pointers handy, structuring a well thought out toast should no longer be so difficult. Remember to stray away from embarrassing or humiliating facts and not venture too far into the relationship between you and the bride or groom, as this is their special day. Be careful to not over drink prior to your toast so that you can present yourself in a classy and tasteful manner. Also, don’t worry about reciting a speech word for word. This often causes too much pressure and leads to messy speeches. Let your words come from the heart and remain tasteful in doing so.