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From round to pomander, wedding bouquets can get pretty intricate and trying to choose the best one can be difficult. Here are some tips we came up with to help all our brides out there choose the perfect bouquet for their wedding.

 Round I love a good nautical wedding as much as the next girl. But, add in the fact that this seaside affair is also a playful nod ...

Elegant and traditional design most commonly seen in many weddings because it looks good with any dress type and style.


Posy{Gorgeous But Fairly Simple Bridal Bouquet Which Showcases Ivory Lisianthus, Amnesia Rose, Sahara Rose, Baby's Breath, Baby Blue Eucalyptus, & Coordinating Fillers & Foliage}

The Posy bouquet is smaller in size and can be easily held with one hand. It can incorporate almost any flower type and is popular among brides and bridesmaids. Some popular flowers that work best with the Posy bouquet are roses, peonies,tulips and gerberas.


PageantWedding bouquet and hair piece // Photo by Feather and Stone

  The Pageant bouquet is also known as the “arm sheath” because the long stem flowers modestly cradle on the brides arms. Many brides use the Pageant bouquet as an alternative the the Round bouquet which is more traditional. Florists can either hide the long stems with ribbon or leave them as they are made to the brides requests. Some flowers most commonly used in a Pageant bouquet are stemmed roses, delphiniums, larkspur and lilies.


PomanderThese are perfect for my little girls since they r a bit to young to be worrying about actually doing something while going down the aisle! And Hunter can carry or wear the "here comes the bride" sign!!!

Pomander bouquets are known as the “kissing ball” or the “ball of many blossom”. It is typically held together by a ribbon that can be held or hung. The design of the Pomander bouquet is pretty simple; all the flowers are the same size and overlap with each other. This bouquet is usually used for the flower girls or even as decor.



  A lot of brides are using the Cascade bouquet in their more modern weddings. It could be referred to as the “shower bouquet” and gracefully spills over the brides hands for a more delicate and sophisticated look. The Cascade bouquet is rounder at the top and tapers in at the bottom by design. Princess Diana used the Cascade bouquet at her wedding, making it more common among brides at the time.


Nosegaypink blush ranunculus hydrangeas - Google Search

The Nosegay bouquet has a cluster of flowers that are tightly wrapped together with a ribbon and cut to one length. Brides have partnered this bouquet with more greenery in it than flowers. It is commonly used for bridesmaids.