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Admit it, we all have thrown some wedding favors away, however, what else could we have done with them, right?
Deciding on wedding favors could be stressful, especially if you’re actually thinking about your guests keeping them and not just throwing them away. According to BuzzFeed these are 42 Wedding favors that your guests will actually want.

1. Personalized Lip Balm (for a Winter Wedding)

2. Donuts

3. S’mores Kit

4. Jar of Jam

5. Mason Jar of Moonshine

6. Water Bottles

7. Sunglasses (for a Summer Wedding)

8. Coffee Beans

9. Salt Water Taffy

10. Succulents in Tea Cups

11. Mojito Kit with Muddler

12. Tiny Stickers

13. Homemade Limoncello

14. Cute Tote Bag

15. Mini Sketchbooks

16. Journals

17. Bottle Openers

18. Classy Hangover Kit

19. Cookie Cutters

20. Candles Made from Thrifted Teacups

21. Cute Containers of Local Honey

22. DIY or Vintage Ornaments (for a November or December Wedding)

23. Instagram Coasters

24. Sriracha Salt

25. Cookie Buffet with Take-Away Containers

26. Shot Glasses

27. Luggage Tags (for a Destination Wedding)

28. Small Containers of Vanilla Extract

29. Customizable Nail Polish

30. Charity Donation Made in Your Guest’s Name

31. Small Bottles of Mead

32. Single-Use Cameras

33. Set of Colored Pencils

34. Tiny Pies in a Jar

35. Pretty Soaps

36. Seed Paper

37. Homemade Granola

38. Tea Diffusers

39. Booze

40. Flip Flops

41. Tasteful Temporary Tattoos

42. Candy-Filled Mugs

For a visual example of these favors and DIYs, please CLICK HERE